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Hostile Takeover (How to Succeed in Evil)

Hostile Takeover - Patrick E. McLean Really, this book only deserves two and a half stars, but I'm rounding up out of generosity. I just finished it, and honestly, I'm not even sure what the hell I just read. There were parts of it where I was thoroughly enjoying myself - I enjoyed the math and statistics jokes, the golfing, and even the playing off of your standard Heroes and Villains tropes. I liked Edwin. I liked Topper. I hated Excelsior, which I think was the point the author was trying to get across, that Heroes aren't always everything they're cracked up to be.I'm prepared to ignore the numerous typos and misspellings (the constant misspelling of Nehru really ground my gears, though) - this is a self-published novel after all - and I understand that it was originally written episodically for a podiocast. Since that was the story's point of origin, I can kind of understand the disconnect between the chapters, and I'm willing to forgive that.So, why the 2.5 stars then? The end. I just...I don't even understand what the point was. The last 10% of the book was just [sigh] lame, really. I can't even come up with anything decent to say because it was so disappointing.