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Falcon - Emma Bull I've been wanting to read Falcon since I was in junior high, shortly after I read and fell in love with War for the Oaks. My crummy small town library (where I volunteered my weekends and summers) didn't have it, so I put in an inter-library loan request that was never fulfilled. I guess someone had failed to return it, and it wasn't a big enough title to warrant replacing. When I got my reader a few years ago, one of the first books I purchased was WftO and I got this one discounted for purchasing them together. I've re-read WftO twice since then, but am only now getting around to this one. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting. My previous Emma Bull experience has been her Urban Fantasy (LOVED the Borderlands books she wrote with her husband, too), so this Space Opera kind of threw me for a loop. It wasn't even very long, so I can't figure out why it took me so long to finish. There was this strange disconnect for me between the times I was reading and when I wasn't. While I was actually reading it, I'd be immersed in the story and read many pages at a time, loving it. Then I'd put it down to do other things and not even think about it. Instead of picking it up again when I had a free moment (what I usually do when I'm into a book…I'll make an excuse to read two pages while I'm toasting waffles for my littles. Pretty much any lull in activity is an excuse to pick up a book for a page or two), I found myself doing other things. Anyway, once I got into the rhythm of the story, I enjoyed it. At the beginning, I felt like I was dropped into the book in the middle of something I was supposed to get, but didn't. Then, once I got the hang of what was going on there, everything changed. I'm not complaining, but it was a "ohhhhh, okay! I get it now, this is kind of groov…wait, what just happened, who's this new narrator? WHAT IS GOING ON?!" kind of thing. Oh, and if you're picking this book up based on the jacket, be prepared that what's described in the blurb doesn't actually start to happen until the second half. I'm going to give this book 3.5 stars, but round up to 4. I liked it, and will probably like it even more upon a second reading.