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Geek High

Geek High - Piper Banks So, strangely - even though I am nowhere near this book's target audience - I kind of liked this one. It was full of the same tropes you read over and over - geeky girl likes hot guy that realizes she's awesome underneath her unfashionable exterior before anyone else does - but in spite of it being terribly clichéd, it was an enjoyable read. I love the voice that Piper Banks has given Miranda. Even though she realizes she's living a cliché, it's all a surprise to her when it actually happens. She even calls herself out on it, saying that it's not like she's living in one of those movies where all this happens.Anyway, solid three stars. Enough for me to continue on with the series on a weekend when I'm in need of some thoughtless reading.[eta] I wish someone would actually read the book before designing the cover for once. Miranda isn't even close to blonde and talks quite a bit about how she doesn't even wear glasses...just has a big nose.