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How to Train Your Dragon Book 1 (How to Train Your Dragon (Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III))

How to Train Your Dragon  - Cressida Cowell So, of course I've seen the movie that was based on this book. Really, not based on it at all, unless you add the word 'loosely' to the beginning. The characters have the same names and it's set in the same place, but the story is not the same at all.I've read other reviews where people are saying the movie is better, and I don't know that I agree. I can't say that the book was better either, because I really do love them both. Where the movie was a little sappy, the book was hilarious. Something made me giggle on almost every page. The movie didn't have a whole lot of giggly moments for me. I liked book Toothless better...I actually liked all of the dragons in the book better than those in the movie. Oh, and mega-points for Hiccup actually having a mom - and for naming her Valhallarama. Awesome.