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Socialpunk (Socialpunk #1)

Socialpunk (Socialpunk #1) - Monica Leonelle I finished this one before bed last night, and tried turning the page on the reader a few times, thinking what I'd read could not possibly be considered a proper cliffhanger ending.Ugh. So many problems with this book. Incorrect word usage, strange sentence structure, the story was all over the damn place and the author more than once confused the names of the characters she was talking about.Oh, and I don't know that I've ever seen this at the end of a work of fiction before?This material is provided "as-is" without any warranty of any kind. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this book; however, errors and omissions may occur. The publisher assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of this book.Thoroughly meh. I do love that the author offers to help everyone accomplish their dream of writing a book by sending them her Author Work Kit or whatever the eff it's called. [sigh] Some people shouldn't try to write, period.Oh, and the shocking cliffhanger ending? Dash doesn't love Cinder/Ima/E because...HE'S GAY! Yup, that's a BRILLIANT way to end a book. [nods]