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Undead and Unstable (Undead/Queen Betsy)

Undead and Unstable - MaryJanice Davidson I really don't even know WTS I just read. It was like NOTHING HAPPENED for the first 80% of the book (and what little did happen made zero sense) and the end happened too fast. Most of the time I had no idea who was speaking, no descriptors were used during dialogue. Something happened, someone spoke, someone else spoke, I assume the first person spoke again, something interrupted the dialogue, then ONE OF THE TWO spoke again, but we never found out who'd been first to speak. Way to unnecessarily confuse your readers. Blergh. I'm now sad I devoted 6 hours to reading this last night and today. I guess I no longer disagree with everyone else like I said I did just a few days ago. ***Don't judge. I read all of them over 4 days last summer. They got better as they went along (I totally disagree with the people who hate the last few books).