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Mockingbird - Chuck Wendig I was a little annoyed with reading our PtBiB chapters last week because I just wanted to read this book some more.  I kept looking over at my reader thinking "Well, surely they won't mind if I'm just a little late..." but in the end I took my hosting duties more seriously than I wanted to and gave in to the fact that I wasn't going to be able to go back to the pleasure reading until the required reading was done.If you can call Chuck Wendig's Mockingbird "pleasure reading," I guess.That's not to say that I didn't love it - because I totally did.  Every gory page, but this definitely wasn't some "curl up on a couch and feel good about the world and yourself" book.  At all.I was at turns sad, creeped out, grossed out and cheering.Here's the deal.  I totally heart Miriam.  I think she's a selfish brat at times, but given the hand she's been dealt, I can't say that I wouldn't act the same way.  Honestly, I think there's a lot of aspects of Miriam's personality that I can completely identify with.  NO, I'M NOT SAYING WE'RE THE SAME - dur.  What I'm saying is, that even while I was reading other things I kept thinking about the decisions Miriam had just made.  I don't know that I would have done anything any differently.She's probably my favourite UF heroine right now - and that says quite a lot.  Also, due to certain events that transpired in the last book that carry over into this one, I'm more inclined than ever to think of Louis as Clarence Worly.  Shut up, I know he doesn't look like Christian Slater, but GIVE ME THIS ONE THING, OKAY?!  Oh, and Miriam is more and more like Alabama all the time.  Again, one of my favourite movies ever so I don't have a problem with that.I still wouldn't recommend these books for everyone (see last week where I talked about who might enjoy Blackbirds), but if you are like me and look forward to Quentin Tarantino movies for more than just the soundtrack and if you laughed your way through The Machine Girl , then there's a good chance you'll enjoy these books.Mockingbird will be out August 28.  You can find Mr Wendig at his website Terrible Minds, and release/pricing information on the Angry Robot page.   Once again, thanks Angry Robot for the eARC - this is another that I'll be buying for myself.  Um...can you stop putting out so many awesome books?  I don't know how it'd look to have my Best of the Year shelf dominated by the same publisher.Chuck, if you write more Miriam, I promise I'll be your new best friend.  Pinkie swear.A slight aside:  Baby Girl is (for some reason we can't quite figure out) really into bluegrass.  We don't have  a problem with that, but she's WAY INTO stuff with banjos.  So we put the Bluegrass Junction channel on for her as she falls asleep.  I usually turn it off or way down when I go to bed.  I didn't do that on Friday night when I went to bed, so reading certain scenes with that playing in the background gave everything a slight Deliverance feel which I'm sure was unintended, but served to creep me right the eff out.  Don't do that.  Seriously.  The banjos, this book and the alcohol consumed for the drinkalong all contributed to some highly strange dreams that I can't quite remember right now, but which left me incredibly unsettled.I mean, I'm not the boss of you, but...y'know.  I wouldn't recommend it.Further aside:  While reading Blackbirds, I kept saying to myself "So, Miriam seems more like a Luckies or American Spirits kind of girl than someone who'd smoke Marlboros."  I'm glad I was right.Review originally posted here.