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In the Company of Ogres

In the Company of Ogres - A. Lee Martinez So, this is my fourth Martinez book. Two I've liked considerably more than this one (Gil's All Fright Diner and Divine Misfortune) and one that I liked about the same (A Nameless Witch). It was decent. There were some parts I loved (like the roc's reaction when she ate Gabel) and other parts I thought were tedious (like all of the love triangle-y bits between the Amazon and the Siren), but I enjoyed it.The problem with this book (and the aforementioned A Nameless Witch) is that it's almost completely forgettable. I've already forgotten some of the details, and I'm sure the others will be lost to the mists of time before too much longer. If you're a completist, go ahead and read it with the rest of his stuff, but don't expect anything spectacular.