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Evil Genius

Evil Genius  - Catherine Jinks I don't...I'm honestly not even certain why I started the second book immediately after finishing this one. I'm going to blame the fact that when I "closed" this one, it was right there and I didn't have to ponder the rest of my eLibrary to determine what was up next.Don't get me wrong, this book isn't terrible at all, but it certainly wasn't good enough to rush right out and FIND THE SECOND ONE ZOMG!!!No, it was pretty thoroughly meh. Nothing great, nothing terrible, just straight middle of the road. For me, middle of the road is three stars, which is why it's in the middle, yeah?There are a few clever bits, but much like Ford Prefect's* explanations of Gnab Gibs, it takes a long time of stuff that doesn't make a whole lot of sense and causes your mind to wander before you actually get to them.Meh.(but I will still probably finish the other second and read the third because they are right. there.)*Please don't take my reference to the Guide to mean that I am in any way comparing the two. Please.