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Broken - A.E. Rought 3.7/5, based on the rubric. Rounding up.Broken by AE Rought is a book being put out by Strange Chemistry, the new YA imprint of Angry Robot. I love Angry Robot beyond all reason, so when I saw that this book was available to be requested from NetGalley, figured I’d give their YA a shot.I’m glad I requested it. I’m not glad that the blurb for this book is spoilery as hell and the things mentioned in the first sentence of said blurb don’t even start to happen/make themselves known until the final quarter of the book. If you’re planning on reading this book at all, do yourself a favour and pretend there is no blurb.I think a tiny bit of my enjoyment was hampered because I went in knowing somewhat what was going to happen, and kept waiting for that shoe to drop. Not much, though, because I DID really like the story. The writing and pacing were nice and the little voice at the back of my head kept whispering “You know, if Twilight had been written this well…”Because at the end of the day, it’s kind of impossible not to compare Broken to Twilight. Don’t think this is a sparkly vampire story, though – it’s not. It is a damned interesting take on another classic (but if I tell you which one, you might as well just go read the blurb already!). It’s smart, it’s not condescending or pandering, and it’s kind of heart-breaking.Would I recommend it for everyone? Hell no. I know a lot of people wouldn’t be into this one at all, but if you like a bit of suspense and terror mixed in with your ooey-gooey teenage love stories, you’ll probably enjoy it.