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Forever . . .

Forever . . . - Judy Blume I don't even know how to rate this book. Do I give it 4 stars because I'm pretty sure I learned about handjobs from Judy Blume? Hey, I was 11 when I first read this, cut me some slack.I remember checking this out of my teeny tiny NW Montana library (are you kidding, this shit wasn't isn't the SCHOOL library) the summer before 6th Grade.I know, that's pretty messed up. I'm trying to remember if the librarian (whom I later WORKED WITH, how messed up is that?) gave it a knowing glance. I don't think she did, but my memory isn't what it used to be. Damn you sj in your 30s! You should remember EVERYTHING ABOUT BEING ELEVEN!Bait Dog to bed with me. I don't know why I thought this would be more appropriate, but it was the first thing I saw and I thought "Hey, you are a dumbass who totally forgot to read something for Banned Books Week, that shit was banned, just read it now!"So I did. And I giggled in the same places 11 year old sj giggled. Because even though I'm SUPPOSED TO BE an adult, grown up sj still giggles at boys who feel the need to give their penis a name, and she still giggles at uncomfortable sexual situations in books.So, yeah.Anyway. From what I remember of teenage love, this book is fairly accurate. Or it was in the days before sexting and young girls thinking that anal was appropriate measure of keeping their virginity in tact. One thing I found fairly inaccurate upon reading this as an adult was that Michael never pressured Kath to go down on him. Wait, what? Isn't that always a huge deal in high school? The ZOMGAMAZINGBJ? I thought it was?I mean, I didn't really date in high school (I married my second serious boy friend, c'mon), but I HAD FRIENDS that were all "No, I can't sleep with him, I haven't even gone down yet!" so...I don't know.Um. Yeah. Lots of wine and rambling tonight.If you haven't read it, there's ZOMGSEX in this book. If that's offensive, then don't read it.Also, Heather remembered Ralph's name without even re-reading it. WHO'S THE PERV NOW, HEATHER?