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Just as Long as We're Together

Just As Long As We're Together - Judy Blume I re-read this last night because I finally found the sequel (which I haven't read before). I'd forgotten how much I loved this one when I was 10 or 11. It really does speak to girls at that age about friendships and just every day life problems.I'd forgotten how many things in my life I associate with this book. I remember when I read it, I had NO IDEA who Richard Gere was, then I became familiar with him through his role in Pretty Woman and thinking "Damn, he's not an age appropriate crush at all, is he?"I still maintain that he would have been in his late 30s when this book came out, so I'm not even sure how Stephanie found this poster of Benjamin Moore that she kept above her bed.WHY RICHARD GERE?!Dude, why not Matthew Broderick, John Cusack or James Spader? WHY?!