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Counter-Clock World

Counter-Clock World - Philip K. Dick Counter-Clock World is weird because of how very NOT weird it is. That probably won't make a whole lot of sense if you're not familiar with a lot of what PKD was cranking out in the 60s. This was during his most prolific period as an author (more than half of his 44 novels were published between 1960-1969), and the majority of those books feature what I'm going to call the Dick Click (for lack of a better term).You start reading almost any novel by Dick and for the first 50-100 pages you're pretty confused with no idea WTF you're reading or why you're digging it so much. Nothing seems to make much sense, and you're half-tempted to just give up already. You keep going, though, because there's just something keeping you reading. Then it happens. The Dick Click (I swear, not a euphemism). It's like something in your brain finally fits all of the fucking pieces together and there's this "A-HA!" moment. Then you feel kind of stupid for not putting it all together sooner, but it makes you want to start the whole damn book all over again just so that you can marvel at how well he managed to fit everything together.I think that might be the most redundant paragraph I've ever written. Just go with it, I'm too lazy to re-write.Counter-Clock World does not contain a Dick Click. It's one of the most straightforward books I've read by him. Yes, it took a few chapters to fully grasp the logistics of a world where time has essentially begun to run backwards (disgorging of food is a private affair, men slather on whiskers before leaving the house in the morning, the dead return to life and age in reverse until they find an open womb and pregnancy is ended with sex), but once I got that, there was no problem.Is it my new favourite? NO! But still, it's worth a read and if you're already a fan, I think you should check it out.