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Punk Rock Jesus

Punk Rock Jesus - Sean  Murphy

Fuck it. This is the collection of all 6 issues of Punk Rock Jesus and I KNOW it isn't out til April, but I just finished reading #6 and if I wait til April to talk about it, I'll forget everything I want to say about the series as a whole.


First, though -


THE COVER FOR #6! It's probably one of my favourite comic covers ever.



Punk Rock Jesus is dirty and violent and a helluva good time.

I went in expecting something fun, along the lines of Jesus Hates Zombies Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves, so I wasn't prepared for the IRA hits on THE FIRST FUCKING PAGES (which totes made me cry, not gonna lie - read it, you'll see why) - and I wasn't exactly ready for what I ended up reading.


In brief - The Shroud of Turin is used to create a clone of Jesus. Instead of waiting for the Messiah to return, we've decided to bring him to us. Chris is raised on tv and eventually rebels, joining a band called the Flak Jackets who decide to tour the Holy Land.


The best parts of the story don't deal with Chris, though, but with his 6'7" former IRA bodyguard, Thomas. Thomas breaks my heart in the best possible way.


Not a fun read, but still a good one. Sean Murphy's art is perfect for the story being told, and the story itself was worth the time spent waiting for individual issues. I'll be buying this collection.


Oh, and I'm pretty sure 17y/o sj's room was used as reference for the following panel: