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The Elvenbane (Halfblood Chronicles, Bk. 1)

The Elvenbane - Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey Originally posted here as part of the 30 Day Book Challenge.Heh.  The topic for today makes me laugh.A Book I've Read More Than OnceMore than once?  At least 10, but I think more.I owned this one, and since my small town library was never open more than 2 days a week during the summer, I did A LOT of re-reading.Cruel elves, shape-shifting dragons, half-bloods, slavery, bicorns - man, this book had it all.I last re-read it...probably 10 years ago?  When I found out that there was FINALLY A THIRD BOOK.Did I still love it?Hell yes.Sadly, though, there won't ever be a fourth book.  I would have been all over it.I wonder if there's Halfblood Chronicles fanfic?  [runs off to check]