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Requiem (Delirium)

Requiem - Lauren Oliver Wow, this is a terrible cover. After slogging my way through the previous two books in this series, I fully expected to hate this one, too. Maybe it's because I had such fun snarking on the last one (that everyone else seems to love to pieces) that I found myself surprised by the fact that this one was...not terrible. I didn't love it, but it didn't make me want to barf with overly florid descriptive passages like the first two books did. My main problem here turned out to be the chapters alternating between Lena and Hana. Why? Because they have the same damn voice. If I hadn't been told at the beginning of each chapter who was narrating, I wouldn't have been able to tell - which is particularly unforgivable knowing that Hana is supposed to be fairly emotionless after having received her "cure."I was bored by all of the silly love triangle nonsense (really? WHO CARES?!), disappointed that we got little time with Lena's mother and as not shocked as it is possible to be when the identity of the TRAITOR was revealed. [yawn]Oh, but I give Oliver credit for the ending. It was more grown up and well-thought out than what I've come to expect from her over the course of this trilogy. Not the worst, but not recommended.