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Aunt Dimity's Death (AUNT DIMITY MYSTERY)

Aunt Dimity's Death (AUNT DIMITY MYSTERY) - Nancy Atherton 2013 has been kicking my ass so far.  Things seem to be falling apart at an astounding rate (no, I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm really just setting the scene, 'kay?), which is why my presence both here and on all social media has been sporadic at best.(Also, I apologize to all the unread blog-posts - I'll get around to them someday.)Anyway, I took pretty much all of last week off from pretty much everything, and came back feeling slightly rejuvenated on Monday.  Things are still all fall apart-y, but it's not as daunting as I thought it was before.SO.  To fill you in on the book I'm going to be talking about today - a few months ago, I emailed my friend Kat asking her if she'd read this series of cozy mysteries (cos I know they're totally her thing) that I was kind of interested in and her response was something along the lines of  "THOSE ARE MY FAVOURITES!  I have almost sent you the first book so many times!" which caused me to feel both interested and slightly nervous.I put them off (really, I kind of forgot about them.  It's what I do.) until the other night when I got an email telling me that I HAD A GIFT! An ebook gift!  With this note:You need book comfort food. Hope you love it.xoxoKAwwww, so sweet, right?  Yes.I did not like that I was given the option to trade this book in for credit, but that's a whole grievance thing that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BOOK.[sigh]I'm sure by now you're all wishing I'd get to the point, right?  Right.The book she sent was Aunt Dimity's Death, the first in the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton - which, again, are described as cozy mysteries when they're described at all.I haven't been into books of this sort since high school (when I tore through these things at a rate of two a day during summer vacations) and to say I was dubious would be an understatement.BUT!  I totally heart Kat and we agree on a lot of NON-mysteries, so I figured "If she says this is a comfort read, I'll trust her."I am so glad I did.Within the first two pages, I'd laughed several times and KNEW I was going to love it.And I did.Here are some of the things that Aunt Dimity's Death is kind-of-but-also-kind-of-not: *A mystery. *A love story. *A ghost story.Here are some of the things that Aunt Dimity's Death most-definitely-is: *Charming in a sort of L.M. Montgomery kind of way. *Laugh your tush off funny in a comedy of errors kind of way. *Heartbreakingly sad. *Upliftingly beautiful. *Fun. *Worth reading.Heather D. started reading it last night after I told her how much I was loving it, and she's already enjoying it too.  So, there.Amy, you should read this book.(And, no - I'm not going to tell you what it's about, other than that.  Anything else would be spoilers.)Originally posted here.