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Shadow & Claw: The First Half of 'The Book of the New Sun'

Shadow and Claw (The Book of the New Sun, #1-2) - Gene Wolfe The summer I turned 16, I flew from NW Montana (actually, Spokane, WA cos that's where the nearest airport was) to San Luis Obispo, CA to spend a few weeks with my then best friend.My plane was delayed and I had no way to let her know because this was before kids my age had cell phones (y'know, except for Zack Morris), so she had been waiting at tiny SLO for my flight to arrive from LAX for hours. We wanted to get out of there immediately, so I grabbed my bag from the conveyor and we headed to the parking lot. Upon reaching her mother's car, I realized that MY bag hadn't had a padlock on it, so we had to RUSH BACK INSIDE to try to trade my bag with the guy who'd picked mine up.He was in the military, and except for his unfortunate haircut, was a very cute ginger. My own bag secured, we headed to her mom's work - she was a dispatcher at the local police station - and my bestie and I photocopied ourselves holding hands and then signed the pages for each other with little notes about how we'd be the very best of friends forever and ever.That night, she and her twin sister took me to the beach, where there was a bonfire planned with all of their friends. I'm pretty sure I fell in and out of love with at least 4 different boys that night. Even though I wasn't exactly the cutest when I was in high school, I think they were interested because I was not someone they'd grown up with. That's how we all were at that age, right?I got several phone numbers, which was kind of weird because (again) not that cute and I wasn't going to be there for more than a few weeks. So...I don't know.I spent the next afternoon hanging out with blue-haired A. I remember laughing and laughing at him jumping up and down on a mattress one of J's neighbours had left out for the trashmen to pick up.I went to a show with J, A and S - saw 311 get booed off the stage, and watched someone not get caught while stagediving during a Guttermouth set.Z was one of J's best friends, and she wanted us to like each other. We did. He looked a lot like a young Ad-Rock, which made me a little swoony. We spent a lot of afternoons hanging out while J was at work, and were penpals for years after that. He started telling people he was going to marry me after we'd only hung out a few times, but he never even tried to kiss me. He stopped writing to me when I told him I was getting married to my husband, which makes me think he was more serious than I'd thought.One night, a bunch of us ordered pizza and our delivery guy was named Destry. DESTRY! The way he said his name made me laugh and ask him why his parents had named him after a war horse. He corrected me and showed me his name tag, because he wasn't named DESTRIER, he was named after a western his dad had loved growing up. Fair enough. None of this (except maybe that last part) has anything to do with the book I just finished OR DOES IT?!, but seeing "destrier" used all the time made me think of this and so I just started rambling.I can't talk about Severian and Co yet because I still have no effing clue what I just read.None.