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Fight Club: A Novel

Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.Okay. I'm done with Mr Palahniuk. After giving up on Choke (something I never do) because I just couldn't get into it - I didn't find it too disturbing or shocking, I just thought it was stupid - I figured I should give him one more chance before I called it. Yeah...no.I'm really wishing that the rest of the books of his that I have were physical copies instead of digital, so I could sell them for cheap or give them away or use them for compost or something. I really hate to just delete them, because then they're gone forever and it feels like such a waste. I really don't want them taking up space on my hard drive or my reader anymore, though.Before anyone jumps on me to tell me that I just "didn't get it" or that he writes "men's novels for men," I'd like to say that I got it and the majority of my friends that enjoy his "work" are women, I just couldn't stand his style. The poor creative punctuation and redundancy repetition were far too out there for me to handle.When I gave up on Choke (I asked several Palahniuk fanboy and girl friends of mine where I should start, and that was the consensus), another fangirl friend said I should have started with this one because this was his best. If this is his best, I'm POSITIVE he's not the author for me. Oh, and if one more person says "you like Tom Robbins, you'll love Chuck!" to me, I will slap them right in their filthy lying mouth. They are nothing alike, other than the fact that they both live in the Pacific NorthWest.Blech./rant [eta] Meg, you so owe me after this.