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Demon Song (Blood Singer)

Demon Song (Blood Singer) - Cat Adams Full disclosure, I'm really only reading this series because I won the fourth installment from First Reads. I'm not entirely sorry I read it, but I am a little disappointed.Good StuffThe world building was excellent. The two ladies that are Cat Adams created a believable AU, where magic, vampires, werewolves and demons are fairly commonplace. I bought what they were selling.The main characters seemed to be fully realized (but there were some other issues with characterization that I'll touch on later).The plot was pretty decent. Yes, there were many things that I saw coming, but it wasn't throw-it-down-in-disgust-why-am-I-reading-this-tripe bad.Things That Made Me Go UghToo. Many. Characters. There were so many occasions where I had to go back to figure out who was being talked about. People were introduced quickly, then discarded, then brought back. Again and again and again. I'm still not even sure who some of the major players were, because there were just too many people to keep track of.The sentence structure. So many of the sentences seemed to just end abruptly, when they could have been combined with commas or semicolons (and I HATE semicolons). Example: The Russians were practically apoplectic. Their control over Europe’s natural gas supply was critical to their economy. Having a competitor next door wasn’t making them happy.The overuse of "oh, by the way, have I mentioned...?" We're given a lot of information in this manner. "Did I tell you that..." which, to me, means "Here's some vitally important information you should have had earlier, so I'm going to drop this bomb in a completely inappropriate place, because I can't figure out where else to fit it in."TL;DRDecent, but not great. Good enough to get me to read the next in the series, even if it's only to see if the problems with this book were just first-novel-in-a-series issues.