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Spellbound (Harlequin Teen)

Spellbound - Cara Lynn Shultz Spellcaster starts with a little prologue of sorts, from the PoV of a MYSTERY PERSON! A MYSTERY PERSON that has enlisted the help of SOMEONE at Emma and Brendan’s super posh NYC mansion high school to BRING THEM DOWN! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!Four months after fending off a jealous teen would-be assassin in the park and breaking the curse that has plagued these meant-to-be-lovers for hundreds of years, Brendan and Emma are pretty much like we left them. There’s lots of making out in his penthouse room (did I mention before that he has an entire floor to himself?), and Emma is going through Witch Training with her witchy friend Angelique. Unfortunately, since Emma doesn’t have a whole lot of deep emotions currently (other than lust) she’s experiencing a sort of Witch’s Block. Angelique has discovered recently that she’s a powerful empath (I assume like Deanna Troi – I wonder if she is also half-Betazoid?) and senses DARK FORCES surrounding Emma. They do some kind of spell on some salt to see what’s going on, and all of the salt turns black except for a single grain. That single grain is red, and stands for Emma and Brendan’s TLA. Of course this freaks them both out, but Emma decides not to say anything to Brendan, because she doesn’t want him to worry.The following day, their class is supposed to take a trip to a museum. The principal pulls Brendan out of class before they leave, and Emma has to go without him. While there, she decides to leave the museum to take some pictures in the nearby park. She’s (of course) almost immediately attacked by a masked MYSTERY PERSON carrying a knife. Emma runs, then trips over a branch and hurts her knee. Her attacker says something completely ridiculous.Read the rest on Trashy Tuesday.