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My Sweet Audrina

My Sweet Audrina - Virginia C. Andrews Audrina Adare is seven years old with a memory like a sieve. She lives in a crumbling southern mansion with her parents (Lucky and Damien), her aunt (and her illegitimate cousin) and the memory of the First Audrina. She’s Audrina #2, her older sister shared the same birthday and was killed on her ninth birthday after not listening to their parents warnings about walking through the woods. Because the First Audrina was so good and perfect in every way (except for disobeying her parents that one time – a mistake she paid for with her life), our Audrina is constantly forced to sit in her rocking chair, singing so she can let the First Audrina fill her like a pitcher.Sounds weird, right? Wait, it gets weirder.Momma and Aunt Ellsbeth have Tuesday Teatimes every week with Aunt Mercy Marie. Mercy Marie disappeared several years ago on a mission trip to Africa, and is presumed dead and eaten by cannibals. Death hasn’t stopped the Whitefern girls from trotting out her photo each week and pretending she’s sitting there having tea and sandwiches with them. The sisters take turns making voices for Aunt Mercy Marie and use her to say all of the scathing things about each other they wouldn’t say otherwise. Audrina is forced to sit there with them and cousin Vera will sneak home from school to watch her mother and aunt drink their bourbon tea, get drunk and spill family secrets.Vera is…kind of a bitch. She knows Audrina has a bad memory, so she’s constantly teasing her about things Audrina can’t remember. She says she knew the First Audrina, and that this new Audrina will obviously never compare. Vera is described as having apricot coloured hair and “Arab eyes,” which didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. But then…Audrina apparently has Chameleon hair and violet eyes (if you didn’t know, VC Andrews women often have violet eyes).Vera has brittle bones, so she’s home frequently in casts and just lounging around tormenting her little cousin. Oh, and to save her the shame of being an illegitimate child, Audrina’s parents pretend that she’s their other daughter.Read the rest on Trashy Tuesday.