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Pandemonium (Delirium)

Pandemonium  - Lauren Oliver Pandemonium starts with Lena trekking through the Wilds by herself, after seeing her OTL burnt/captured/killed/something on the other side of the fence. He stayed behind so she could escape, and now she has no idea where to go or who to run to. She’s picked up by a band of Invalids who teach her how to rough it and nurse her back to health. She learns that the sympathizers on the inside of the fence send supplies to the unCureds by way of the river. There’s also some weird colour-coded thing they do with birds to let them know if there will be supplies coming that day. Green means yes, yellow means delays and red means they need to GTSO because trouble’s a-comin’. This part didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Like, the people in the cities were feeding the birds paint mixed with birdseed or something? Isn’t that harmful to birds? I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but I think it’s because it was stupid. She spends very little time being bloo-blooey after losing Alex, which makes me wonder if he was really her One True Love or just a plot device.After Lena has been there long enough to make a gay BFF (of course, what the hell kind of YA book would this be without one?!) and make a few friends, it’s time to start heading south for the winter. She goes to check the bird-tree-messages one day and SEES RED so she goes booking it back to camp just as bombs and stuff start falling from the sky. Most of them make it out, but a little girl dies of fever before they make it to the winter camp.Six months later Lena is living in Manhattan with Raven and Tack – two of the members of her group that made it out alive. They’re all undercover for the resistance and stuff, Lena has joined a hate youth group called the DFA (Deliria Free America) and she’s supposed to attend all of these hate rallies and keep an eye on the son of the leader of the group. The son is an incredibly charismatic, formerly sick young man, whose father is pushing for children to be given The Cure long before 18 in an effort to stamp out deliria forever. Julian (the son) is over 18, but hasn’t had the lobotomy because he had brain tumors when he was young, and there’s a good possibility that The Cure will cure him of his pesky living problem.She heads to a rally one sunny afternoon with a backpack full of granola bars (one never knows when one might go hungry again, best to always be prepared), the Book of Shhh (like, the future version of the bible with all of the parts about love removed), some mascara and an umbrella (that Tack forced her to take. NO FORESHADOWING THERE, NUHUNH!).Read the rest on Trashy Tuesday.