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Mary Anne's Makeover (Baby-Sitters Club: Collector's Edition)

Mary Anne's Makeover - Ann M. Martin Oh, man. I'm kind of glad I stopped reading these before this one came out. Long story short, Mary Anne decides she's tired of being the same old her, so she asks her dad to take her to get her hair cut. He does, and takes her shopping for new clothes and make up at the same time.Of course, this is enough for ALL OF THE BSC MEMBERS to act like total snapebags toward her for most of the book.Not because they're jealous, no. Because they're hurt that she didn't invite them along. Jeez. When I was 13, I just cut my hair and showed up at school. No big, no one was pissed or hurt. No one said anything when I dyed it, either. Another flawed premise from the get-go.