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vN: The First Machine Dynasty

vN - Madeline Ashby 3.9/5, according to the rubric. Rounding up.Okay, so this one was pretty damn awesome. I’m really grateful to the folks at Angry Robot for the eARC for a few reasons (it comes out on July 31st). I definitely would have read this on my own, so it’s always nice to get something early (for free!) without having to resort to less than legal means. The story moves quickly, the world-building is great and I was totally invested in Amy the Von Neumann machine (self-replicating [iterating] androids) and her story. HOWEVER – if I had paid for this I probably would have written an angry letter to someone about it. Not because the story made me mad, but because there is NO MENTION MADE ANYWHERE that this book should come with a trigger warning. Seriously, it needs one. Of course, not everyone has the same reactions to descriptions of abuse and pedophilia, but there are enough people out there who DO that I feel it’s definitely worth a mention. It’s not even a huge plot point, but even trying to remain impartial, I’m pretty sure it dropped at least half a star in my own personal ratings because of it. So – here you go, guys – if you’re able to divorce yourself from the story enough that brief mentions of the scenarios I brought up above will not bother you, do yourself a favour and read this. If you DO have problems with that kind of stuff, you should probably skip it.Originally posted (with review haiku) here.