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Blackbirds - Chuck Wendig I LOVED this. I read the whole thing in less than 24 hours (even with [not enough] time to sleep/eat/take care of the younglings) and was NOT HAPPY when it was over. Why was I not happy? Because I wanted to keep reading! Luckily, I have the eARC of Mockingbird on my reader already and I will probably start it when I’m done writing this. This is another one that Kate made me read, and I’m the most glad she did. [sigh] I have read SO MANY reviews castigating this book for not being YA (um…was it advertised as such? No, it wasn’t, so that’s your problem not Chuck’s), for being “too violent” (“MOAR VIOLENCE!” says this girl), for having no plot (what? did we read the same book?), for being “too gross” (again, not too gross, but maybe I’m desensitized? Dunno) AND FINALLY for being “dicklit.” I’ll admit, the last one had me checking my pants to make absolutely certain I was the same gender I’ve always thought I was. I don’t know, as I said when I was reading, it reminded me SO MUCH of a paranormal version of True Romance (one of my favourite movies EVAR) that I fell hopelessly for it almost immediately. Dark? Yes, absolutely. Hilarious? Yes, also absolutely. If you can not run screaming after the first few pages, you’ll love it. Or…I loved it. So, I hope you’ll love it too because everyone knows I’m always right. Right?Originally posted (with review haiku) here.