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The Sweet Life: The Serial (Sweet Valley Confidential)

The Sweet Life - Francine Pascal Note to self for when time machine starts working:Travel back to the 1980s. Pen ridiculous (slightly trashy) series for precocious tweens/not-so-precocious teens. Hire ghost writers to continue work on said ridiculous series while I travel BACK TO THE FUTURE to write the "Where are they now?" sequel for the adults those tweens have become. Nostalgia is key. Reference minor incidents from series so that people can laugh and clap while they remember how that DID HAPPEN ZOMG in book 108 (or whatever. C'mon, there have to be at least 100 books or WTF is the point?!), but twist it slightly because - hello? The ghost writers wrote that drivel, not me!Give everyone cancer/addictions/asshole tendencies. Have the lead sleep with twin sister's fiancé. DRAMA. Kill off at least 3 people, but they were all assholes now, so no one will care anyway. Spread drama out for at least 100,000 words so everyone feels like they got their $$ worth. Laugh on the way to the future bank. (I'm totally bringing Trashy Tuesday off hiatus just to talk about this shit.)