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Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian - Eoin Colfer Was probably going to only be 3.5, but it made me CRY at the end, so I bumped it up to 4. My recollection of the first seven (Seven? [checks] Yes, seven.) books in this series is pretty spotty. I know I've read them, and I remember the characters and stuff, but I must have been drunk when I read them all or something. What? You don't drink and read? What's WRONG with you?Anyway, EVEN THOUGH I'm a terrible fan (and please don't even get me started on Mr Colfer's horrible "final" H2G2 book) I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was light and humourous and had enough twistiness to keep my interest while I was reading.Would I read another Arty book? Probably. Will I re-read these? Probably not, I have too many OTHER things to re-read and too many unread books starting at me, silently judging because I wasted my time finishing off a series I didn't even care enough about to look up on wikipedia for refreshing purposes.