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A Wild Ride Through the Night

A Wild Ride Through the Night - Walter Moers Wow. Seriously, wow. I knew I'd enjoy this going in (cos, c'mon, it's Moers), but I was worried because I knew it didn't include HIS illustrations. It was stupid of me to worry. Holy crap, this was fantastic. It reminds me of when my husband and I were first married and he'd come in to our room to find me half asleep with the lights on and my glasses askew on my face. He'd take my glasses off and turn out the light, but I'd invariably wake up and ask him to sit with me and tell me a story until I fell asleep.The crazy things he'd come up with (far different than the bedtime stories he now makes up for our children) would make me giggle myself to sleep with their sheer outlandishness. This book seems like it could have been one of those stories. A silly bedtime tale for adults that also explains where the great Gustave Doré got his ideas.I kind of want to meet my dream consultant now.