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True Blood: Where Were You? (4) (True Blood (IDW))

True Blood: Where Were You? - Annie Nocenti, Michael McMillian, Michael Gaydos I admit it.  Amy made me I watch True Blood now.  And I kind of like it more than the books.  [gasp]  Inorite?  But seriously, it's all the trashy fun of the first few books, with less focus on stupid Sookie.So, tonight I was browsing through NetGalley (as ONE DOES on Saturday nights when one has no life outside of one's children) and found this True Blood graphic novel available, so I downloaded it.And I had some wine and I read the damn thing in an hour.It's obvs not based on the books, and the characters all look like they do on the show, and the art isn't the best, but...it was kind of like having a hiatus episode.It wasn't brilliant or life-changing or ridiculously hilarious, but it was a decent enough way to while away some time in this space between seasons.I THINK it's supposed to take place sometime before the end of the last season (cos it's just Bill and not Bilith), but a time frame isn't really specified.Anyway, it's just called TRUE BLOOD VOLUME ONE, (which is totally confusing because there are, like, 10 other TRUE BLOOD VOLUME ONEs [this might be hyperbole, I've been drinking] on goodreads and I had to paste the ISBN into the search field to even find the damn thing) and it's a strange little story that features many of our favourite characters.  It claims to be each of our main characters remembering where they were when the Revelation came (when vampires came out of the coffin), but that's really only part of it.During Season Five, Amy and I would email each other during/after each episode (much like we tweet each other during the Amazing Race every Sunday), and emails would be full of cryptic little comments like "Ugh, he can't pull that hair off." and "HAHAHAHAHA!  I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE JUST SAID THAT!" and "He looks like Mary Kay threw up on his face." and "Stupid BILL! Man, I hate him. Can they kill his stupid ass off? No one likes Bill, no one." and "Alcide butt!" and "There are still too many plotlines for me to pay attention to. CHOOSE A COUPLE AND SETTLE DOWN, TRUE BLOOD!"You get the idea.And while reading, I was totally mentally composing emails to Amy.  Because it FELT just like an episode of True Blood.If that's what they were going for, they totally nailed it.In conclusion - if you're a fan of the books, but not the show...you probably shouldn't bother with this.  HOWEVER, if you're a fan of the show AND the books, maybe pick this up and check it out.  It'll slake your thirst for True Blood while you wait for Season Six (only ten episodes, WTS?!).You can pick this up January 1st.  Thanks to IDW for the review copy, and to NetGalley, as always for brokering the deal.