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The Alchemaster's Apprentice: A Novel

The Alchemaster’s Apprentice: A Culinary Tale from Zamonia by Optimus Yarnspinner (Zamonia, #5) - Walter Moers, John Brownjohn STOP TRYING TO BE MY NEW FAVOURITE AUTHOR, WALTER MOERS!(or don't, I really do love it.)I keep coming back to this unwritten review, thinking "Hey, maybe tonight's the night I can finally write about Echo and Ghoolian!" but I never do.When I tried to talk about City of Dreaming Books, I said that reading Walter Moers is like what I imagine my personal author would be like - had I such a thing as a personal author, writing stories just for me.Moers is obviously not for everyone, but he's just right for me, and that's all that really matters, right? Question, though: If it wasn't Theodore T. Theodore, what the fuck? Which Tuwituwu did Echo eat?!