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The Alchemist of Souls: Night's Masque, Volume 1

The Alchemist of Souls - Anne Lyle This is another review that I've put off writing because I'm still feeling rather ranty about it.My problems with this book don't really lie with the story, but with the vocabulary.I have issues with the word whilst. It's fine in dialogue as long as it's used sparingly, but I can't stand when it's used as a descriptive.This book used the word whilst SIXTY TIMES (and more than once it was used TWICE IN THE SAME SENTENCE). Yes, I went back and counted after I had finished. I tried to read the second in the series, but ended up abandoning it after noticing that the whilsts were just as prevalent as in the first book.I'm never going to be able to read my own review again because overuse of that stupid word will make me cringe.Oh, and when you pick a name for a location? PICK ONE AND STICK WITH IT. There's a hospital which gets a lot of page time, but it's constantly referred to as both Bedlam and Bethlem. I still don't know which was correct, since each name was used an equal number of times. Annoying.Not even the mysterious other beings could save this book for me.