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Jesus Hates Zombies Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves - Yea, Though I Walk... Collected Edition

Jesus Hates Zombies Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves - Yea, Though I Walk... Collected Edition - Originally posted here.Stop me if you've heard this one before.God gets pissed cos Jesus ate his last Lean Pocket.  In a vindictive moment he sends his only begotten son back down to earth in the middle of a zombie apocalypse...knowing that there aren't enough people left with FAITH to give his son the powers he usually enjoys.Oh, and Abe Lincoln (werewolf hunter) gets sent through time to the future so he's fighting zombies alongside Jesus.And there are zombie werewolves.And zombie Angel Gabriel.Who is PISSED and wants to take out all of humanity.Sound blasphemous?Um, yeah, it totally could be.But it's also a lot of fun.From the very beginning of Jesus Hates Zombies, Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves, where Jesus is sent back (Terminator style [meaning, totally naked {click for a shot of that page, including his awesome butt tattoo}]) you know you're in for...something that doesn't plan on taking itself too seriously.  It doesn't.  Ever.  I read another review that said this was a "crazy funny way of spreading the gospel," but I don't know that I'd look at it that way.It's more like Gaiman's American Gods (with zombies and werewolves and zombie werewolves and...), exploring what the world is like without faith, and what that means for humanity when our deities aren't able to protect us when we no longer believe in them.So, the Son of God in Jesus Hates Zombies swears and smokes and takes entirely too much pleasure in stomping the skulls of the zombie hordes, but he's also incredibly relatable.  He's just zis guy, you know?  This guy who feels he needs to do everything he can to help save humanity because THAT'S WHAT JESUS DOES.And Lincoln.  Look, Abe Lincoln is already pretty awesome on his own, but werewolf hunting Lincoln in the 19th century is totally badass (and listen, these comics came out before Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter so obvs he was hunting werewolves first) BUT THEN!Oh, then - you get to see how OUTRAGED Lincoln is at what's become of America.  HIS America.  Abe is no joke.Also, Lincoln...okay, I'm not going to spoil it for you because there's this bit at the end that made me laugh and clap and squeal with an absurd sort of joy, but IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT.Get this one (Yea, Though I Walk...vol. 1-4) because while I read all of these individually (and the comics are also collected in Those Slackjaw Blues) THIS collection has a bunch of mini-comics by different artists that will help shed a little light on some of the action.And if you don't read this version, this frame won't make any sense: