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The Unusual Suspects (The Sisters Grimm, Book 2) (Bk. 2)

The Unusual Suspects - Michael Buckley, Peter Ferguson So, even if this isn't technically the series that Once Upon a Time is based on, it is similar enough that I mentioned it to my 13y/o when he and I started watching the show a few months ago.He was immediately intrigued, and asked if I could add the books to my old his reader. He read the first one in a day, and started the second the following day, then started to bug me about when I was going to read this one so we could discuss.Kids, right?I like that the Grimm family keeps track of ALL storybook characters trapped in Ferryport Landing (a much better name than Storybrooke, IMO) and not just those the Brothers Grimm collected their tales about. I like Granny and I especially like Mr Canis.I did not like how very predictable the villain was (I knew who we should be side-glancing at as soon as the character appeared on the page), but I'm not the age for which these books were written.My son has been rather ambivalent towards his mother's One True Love (the faerie tale) before this, but I'm thinking I can use these as a stepping stone to the Lang books that I have on the shelves. Maybe even before we move onto the third book in this series (although, with that cliffhanger, I have a feeling he won't buy it), so that he can know more of the backstory behind the characters in these books....and so that I'm not constantly having to explain who he's seeing on the screen when we finally catch up with season 2 of OUaT.