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Ask Me If I Care: Voices from an American High School

Ask Me If I Care: Voices from an American High School - Nancy J. Rubin My school in Montana was K-12. It wasn't, like, one room or anything, but there were no more than 30 kids per grade, so it was still a very smaaaaaaaaaall setting.Our librarian was Mrs W. and she read (no joke) every single book that came into the library. I remember when she got this book, I was all excited about the cover (hush, I couldn't have been more than 12), but then was DEVASTATED when she told me that she wasn't going to put it on the rack.12y/o sj: Wait, whaaaaaaaaat? But I want to READ IT!Mrs W.: No way, man - there's all this sex and drugs and it's NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO READ!12y/o sj: But surely you don't mean it's not suitable for ME, right? Because you've already let me by on the "age restrictions" you've placed on CERTAIN OTHER books [like VC Andrews, which I read when I was 10/11], so it makes no sense that you won't let me read this one.Mrs. W.: You're right, young sj. I will now let you take this book home when it doesn't even have A CARD IN IT.INORITE? I totally got special treatment from the librarian, and it was awesome.This book, though? Maybe not so awesome. I mean - yes, it had the sex and the drugs in it, but other than that...All I really remember is Jenny having blackheads, so when she mentions them to her friend that's always telling her to "look it up" (it being the fifty cent words she peppers into conversation) and Smart Friend doesn't KNOW WHAT BLACKHEADS ARE, she gets to tell her to look it up.Oh, and Jenny's dad kept vodka in the freezer, so Jenny thought she could just refill the bottles with water and NO ONE WOULD NOTICE.Even at 12, I realized that Jenny was EFFING STUPID.I don't know why I thought this book was written by Paula Danziger, though. Hmmm.