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Why Did She Have to Die?

Why Did She Have To Die? - Lurlene McDaniel Oh, man.I have been trying to remember the name of this book FOR YEARS. I couldn't even remember details before tonight. I think this wine is magic or something.If I'd tried to describe this book for you before tonight, I'd have been all "Um...there's a girl, whose sister was a year older than her and the sister dies so the girl is all sad on the cover."Seriously.Then, tonight, I got for serious about remembering details, and I knew that the sister died in a car crash, that the girl in the book had broken both her legs and was totally distraught that SHE LIVED cos her sister was the pretty/smart/popular one.And then I remembered names and the title of the book JUST CAME TO ME. It was pretty fantastic.Anyway, this was a RIF book for me, I'm pretty sure.RIF days were the best days of the ENTIRE YEAR and I totally remember bribing other kids with my desserts if they would just GIVE THEIR BOOKS TO ME (this totally worked, btw).ZOMG THIS ISH IS AVAILABLE TO BORROW FROM OPENLIBRARY!I know what I'm doing with the next hour!